Drone Photo Editing Software

Screenshot of the AirMagic drone photo editing software in action, showing before and after slider

Skylum AirMagic Drone Photo Enhancing Software: A Comprehensive Review

By DroneTrader | March 23, 2019

When we came across the AirMagic software a few weeks ago we were pretty skeptical. Most of these types of software are pretty basic in functionality and typically have lackluster results. Well, we were wrong this time! After using the software for the past few days we have been very impressed with the quality of the results and the incredibly intuitive interface. The software is well designed, has all the functionality you need for great edits on … Read more

Drone Apps and Software image showing a small black drone and laptop

16 Cool Drone Apps and Software You Should Know About

By DroneTrader | February 13, 2019

Over the past decade drones have rapidly gone from ultra-niche to mainstream, and the technology shows no signs of slowing down. With the rise in popularity has come an increase in attention from software developers looking to add functionality to existing UAV platforms and ultimately sell apps and drone software to end users. We have compiled a list of drone apps that can be used for anything from building sophisticated waypoint missions, to assessing the magnetic interference … Read more