Need a Drone for Mapping? 6 Great Options (plus Pros and Cons of Each)

Drone Mapping Nadir View

We recently published an article on drone mapping software and mapping apps. This post is complimentary to that one in that we specifically discuss the different drones on the market that allow you to map a field, generate elevation maps, orthomosaics etc. We include a variety of options in our list, including both fixed wing … Read more

Tips and Tricks for the DJI FPV Drone


The DJI FPV drone is an incredibly well rounded FPV drone, perfect for those getting into the hobby. It does have a few shortcomings (very easily wrecked, expensive, camera isn’t quite as good as the GoPro etc) but overall it is a great machine. Here is a list of tweaks, tips and tricks to get … Read more

DJI Inspire 2 Tips and Tricks

DJI Inspire 2 In Flight

We’ve been flying the DJI Inspire 2 since it launched. Over the years we’ve experienced pretty much all of the quirks and oddities that the Inspire 2 has. Make no mistake, it is still one of our favorite machines to operate, it just needs a little coaxing from time to time. Tips and Tricks to … Read more

Drone Roof Inspections: The Complete Guide

Drone Roof Inspections

Drone Roof Inspections: Best Drones and Software From insurance adjusters to home inspectors, roofing companies to acreage owners, using drones for roof inspections has gone from niche to mainstream quickly.  Inspecting a roof with a drone is typically much safer than having to send up a human on a ladder. No longer do you have … Read more

Best Photography Drones of 2021: A Photographers Review

Single Rotor Photography helicopter

There are a TON of drone review sites out there. Like a LOT.  Thing is, most of these sites are simply compiled by outsourced blog writers that slap together the first 10 drones they see in a Google search into one post, without having any real knowledge about the drones, and much less the camera sensors.  This blog … Read more

Is DJI Refresh Worth It? You may be surprised…

Welcome to the ULTIMATE guide on the DJI Refresh program, one of the most popular drone crash insurance programs on the market.  Manufacturer backed and readily available at most DJI dealers and retailers, DJI Refresh is an “Apple Care-esque” product that provides peace of mind for new and seasoned drone pilots. We’ve researched this topic inside out and … Read more

Costs to Repair Different DJI Drones

drone repair

It’s every pilot’s worst nightmare: you just crashed your drone???? What are your options? Well, if salvageable, you need to get it repaired of course. If not, you can always list it on for parts and salvage. So, what kind of costs should you expect if you need to repair your DJI Inspire or fix up your Mavic Pro? … Read more

Hybrid Gas-Electric Drones: What are my options? [Updated 2021]

Hybrid Drone Flights

With promises of extended flight times while maintaining high levels of power, hybrid gas-electric UAV systems have become increasingly popular as of late.  With most consumer drones averaging around 30 minutes of flight time, hybrid systems offer significant increases to the flight envelope, allowing flight times of 5 hours or more.  This post explores currently … Read more