Buying or Selling a Used Drone

The DJI Refresh Ultimate Guide: PLUS, is it worth it??

By DroneTrader | June 21, 2020

Welcome to the ULTIMATE guide on the DJI Refresh program, one of the most popular drone crash insurance programs on the market.  Manufacturer backed and readily available at most DJI dealers and retailers, DJI Refresh is an Apple Care-esque product that provides peace of mind for new and seasoned drone pilots. We’ve researched this topic inside out and backwards, and we think you’ll appreciate the level of detail we’ve gone into in this post.  Read on below … Read more

Hybrid Drone Flights

Hybrid Gas-Electric Drones: What are my options?

By DroneTrader | June 13, 2020

With promises of extended flight times while maintaining high levels of power, hybrid gas-electric UAV systems have become increasingly popular as of late.  With most consumer drones averaging around 30 minutes of flight time, hybrid systems offer significant increases to the flight envelope, allowing flight times of 5 hours or more.  This post explores currently available hybrid-electric drones, some strengths and weaknesses, pricing and more.  Here is our recently updated list (in no particular order) Hybrid Gas-Electric … Read more

White quadcopter drone placed on an ipad

Search Used Drones by State or Province

By DroneTrader | February 7, 2019

Great news DroneTrader users! We’ve finally added the “Search by State” option (or “Search by Province” for our Canadian DroneTrader users) to the DroneTrader classifieds engine! This will allow users to search for all the second hand drones available in their state and province. We originally went with a search radius system where customers could find used drones in their area within a radius of their zip or postal code. Recently we had many requests for a … Read more


What you need to know about buying and selling drones on DroneTrader…

By DroneTrader | December 13, 2018

From time to time we get questions such as “How do I know that the seller I’m buying from is legitimate?” or “What is the safest form of payment to use when sending someone money for their drone?” These are valid and important questions that we would like to discuss in the following post.  First, a little background about DroneTrader… DroneTrader was launched in the summer of 2018 in order to provide a easy-to-use classifieds system for … Read more

Refurbished drone units for sale

7 Places to Buy Refurbished Drones

By DroneTrader | September 26, 2018

DroneTrader is a great place for people looking to pick up a used drone or to sell off their old UAV. But some customers are looking for refurbished drones, not just used ones. A refurbished drone can be a great idea. Although typically more expensive than buying used, refurbished drones typically come with full manufacturers warranty, a sealed box, and if it didn’t say refurbished on the box you probably couldn’t even tell! So where can you … Read more

Sell Used Drones

“Help Me Sell My Drone!”-Top 10 Sites to List Your Used Drones for Sale

By DroneTrader | July 19, 2018

“Where can I sell my drone?” It is a question many of you looking to upgrade to the latest technology might be asking… Over the past years the UAV market has gone from niche to mainstream, with many titans of industry now integrating drones into their everyday operations. With cutting edge technology comes a frequent upgrade cycle, and there has been a flood of used drones hitting the market over the past years. As discussed in another post, … Read more

How to Sell A used Drone

How to Sell A Used Drone: Make Your Listing Stand Out

By DroneTrader | July 11, 2018

Looking to sell a used drone? When posting an ad on DroneTrader it is important to make sure your ad stands out, especially if your drone is one of many listed in a similar category. When selling a used drone there are three things you can do to help your listing stand out: #1. Sharp photos with a clean background. You do not need a fancy SLR camera or studio lighting to take great photos for your listing, … Read more

Used Drone Listing Marketplace

Buying a used drone? 20 things you should check before you do.

By DroneTrader | July 9, 2018

The drone market has exploded in growth over the past few years. Manufacturers have had a fast product refresh cycle and subsequently there has been a rapid uptick in used and refurbished drones for sale. Inversely, there has also been an increase in people buying used drones.  People eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest bleeding-edge UAV technology are often looking to offload their second hand drone for a great price by listing them on sites such … Read more