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Are “Featured Ads” on DroneTrader Worth It?

By DroneTrader | January 15, 2019

To sell a used drone on is completely free. Simply go to “Post Ad“, fill out the details, add a few photos and click “Create Ad”. After you post your ad we do however offer a few options for customers to “upgrade” their ad. One of these options is a “Homepage Featured Ad”. What the Homepage Featured Ad upgrade does is bump your ad to the main home page of as well as the top … Read more

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“How Much Should I Sell My Used Drone For On DroneTrader?”

By DroneTrader | January 1, 2019

Whether it is via our Facebook page or via email, we tend to get this question from sellers a lot. The market for second hand drones is quite new, and not everyone knows how to properly price their used drones. It is a bit of a tricky question, but after seeing many UAVs being bought and sold on the DroneTrader platform over the past few months, we have compiled some tips on how to best price your … Read more

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Sell Your Used (or Broken) Drone For The Most Money: 8 Things To Consider.

By DroneTrader | August 2, 2018

Let me guess: you are looking for a little help to sell your used drone. Every time another UAV is released you want to have the latest and greatest. You crave the extra range, the bigger camera sensor, the fancy new obstacle avoidance system… Alternatively, you may have recently crashed your drone, and want (or need) a new one to replace the broken one. But your spouse won’t let you have two drones, so you decide you need to … Read more

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How to Sell A Used Drone: Make Your Listing Stand Out

By DroneTrader | July 11, 2018

Looking to sell a used drone? When posting an ad on DroneTrader it is important to make sure your ad stands out, especially if your drone is one of many listed in a similar category. When selling a used drone there are three things you can do to help your listing stand out: #1. A sharp photo with a clean background. You do not need a fancy SLR camera or studio lighting to take a great photo for … Read more