Uses for Drones

Flying Drones in Cold Weather, image of man in the snow operating a drone.

Drones in Cold Weather: 11 Tips for Flying UAVs in Freezing Temperatures.

By DroneTrader | August 23, 2019

In many areas winter offers up stunning vistas for photographers. This is especially true for drone aerial photography! But flying in cold weather does come with some increased risks to both the drone and pilot.  Over the years we’ve experienced many of these first hand (remember, was started by commercial UAV pilots and drone shop owners)  and now we’ve compiled a guide of 11 things you should be aware of when flying in sub-zero temperatures. Whether you … Read more

Man flying a small drone during sunset.

4 Drone Tethering Systems Worth Checking Out

By DroneTrader | August 19, 2019

Over the past few years there has been an uptick in UAV power tether systems coming to market. The concept is great: simply plug your drone into a ground based power pack with an extension cable that attaches to the drone and your UAV should be able to fly indefinitely.  Folks that are flying at extended events such as races, marathons, weddings, search & rescue, flying drones in cold weather etc. will quickly realize the value of … Read more

Image of Small white drone flying near fire in a field.

16 Incredible Uses for Drones You’ve Probably Never Thought Of…

By DroneTrader | May 6, 2019

[ was started by professional UAV operators and drone shop owners that have been involved in the unmanned aerial vehicle business for close to a decade. Over the past few years we’ve come across some incredible folks in this industry. We wanted to share some of these stories with you in the hopes that they ignite ideas in our readers’ minds to hopefully propel the drone industry even further ahead.] — Less than a decade ago, completely … Read more