The DJI Refresh Ultimate Guide: PLUS, is it worth it??

Welcome to the ULTIMATE guide on the DJI Refresh program, one of the most popular drone crash insurance programs on the market. 

Manufacturer backed and readily available at most DJI dealers and retailers, DJI Refresh is an Apple Care-esque product that provides peace of mind for new and seasoned drone pilots.

We’ve researched this topic inside out and backwards, and we think you’ll appreciate the level of detail we’ve gone into in this post. 

Read on below and see if DJI Care Refresh is worth it for you.

Here we go…

The Ultimate Guide to the DJI Care Refresh Program: What You Need to Know

First off:

What is DJI Refresh

DJI Refresh is essentially a crash replacement program for DJI drones, cameras, and camera stabilizers.

Crash your drone? Quickly get a replacement sent to you (pay a small replacement fee) or pay basic drone repair costs if you would like to keep your original unit.

The program is offered by the manufacturer as an upsell at time of purchase or as an optional purchase within 48 hours of receiving your drone. It can be purchased direct from the manufacturer, via the DJI flight apps (DJI Go 4 etc) and from authorized DJI dealers (your local hobby shop or drone retailer).

Frank Wang, the owner of DJI, once said in an interview that, like Apple, DJI was very focused on constant innovation and progress, and held Apple in high regard. It is no surprise then that DJI Refresh is structured very similar to the Apple Care program for Apple devices with similar pricing structures and restrictions.

How Much Does DJI Care Refresh Cost?

The cost varies per device but typically work out to around 8-10% of the original device cost (does not include or cover accessories).

Here is a recently updated table of what you can expect to pay for DJI Refresh for some of the more common drones they sell:

Name of DJI Product

Cost for DJI Refresh Program

DJI Mavic Air

$69–Check Current Pricing Here

DJI Mavic Air 2

$79–Check Current Pricing Here

DJI Mavic Mini

$39–Check Current Pricing Here

DJI Spark

$59–Check Current Pricing Here

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

$129–Check Current Pricing Here

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

$149–Check Current Pricing Here
DJI Inspire 2 $299–Check Current Pricing Here


Now, to be clear, the above table is just the cost to initially purchase DJI Care Refresh. If you crash your drone and would like to replace your drone under the refresh program, you will pay a service fee in addition to the original Refresh purchase. 

The cost for the replacement units varies again, and costs are higher for second replacements than for first time replacements under the program. 

Here is a screenshot of a recent table illustrating DJI first and second replacement service fees under the Refresh Program (to check for any recent pricing updates click here to go to the DJI site):

DJI Refresh Replacement Costs

How to Purchase DJI Care Refresh?

DJI offers Refresh as an upsell if you are checking out via their online store (see screenshot below) or you can purchase DJI Refresh from one of your local DJI dealers (see map here)

DJI Refresh Upsell on their site

Is DJI Care Refresh Returnable?

Yes and no. 

If you purchase a DJI drone (or one of their camera stabilizers) and return the drone, then yes you can apply for a refund of the DJI Refresh that you purchased. 

If you buy the DJI Care Refresh and want to keep the drone but decide you want to return the Refresh only then you are unfortunately out of luck as DJI will not accept returns on activated Refresh packages if you do not return the drone

How to Activate DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh can be activated via their online portal (click here to visit the online portal). You’ll need your DJI Care Refresh Activation code as well as your drone’s serial number.

You’ll also need to enter in some personal details such as name, address etc. 

How Long Does DJI Refresh Last?

How long is DJI care refresh good for you ask? 12 months from the date of purchase and it allows you to replace up to 2 drones under the terms of the Refresh program. Again, DJI has mimicked much of Apple’s “Apple Care” program which allows users to replace their broken devices up to 2 times during the time that Apple Care is active. 

How to Get DJI Care Refresh After the 48 Hour Window

DJI does not normally offer the Refresh program if you haven’t purchased it within 48 hours of the initial drone purchase. However it is still possible to get DJI Care Refresh if you jump through all the proper hoops:

First, you’ll need to send DJI video verification that your drone is still in as-new shape, and functioning properly. There is an extensive checklist of items that need to be videoed in a very specific order for you to get approval to purchase the Refresh outside of the 48 hour window. Here is a direct link to that checklist on the DJI site (or, see screenshot below):

DJI Refresh Purchase outside of the 48 hour window, steps you need to take

Second, once video verification is completed and approved by the DJI team, you’ll have 72 hours from that point on to purchase the Refresh insurance. 

So, long story short, be sure to purchase DJI Care Refresh BEFORE the 48 hour window has passed, it’ll save you a bunch of headache!😀

Does DJI Refresh Cover Water Damage?

Absolutely, DJI Refresh does cover accidental water damage.

Does DJI Care Refresh Cover Fly-Aways or Lost Drones?

No, at this time DJI Care Refresh does not cover flyaways and lost drones (if DJI were to include this the potential for abuse and fraud would be very high which would drive up the cost for legitimate insurance claims). Who knows, some day DJI may offer this coverage for an additional cost, but as of right now they need to have the damaged drone in hand in order to replace it.

Some Items of Note Regarding the Refresh Program (things that aren’t immediately apparent)

Some items to note:

  • The DJI Refresh program covers the shipping both ways (to them and back to the customer). 
  • DJI now offers a DJI Care Refresh+ program that allows you to extend your original DJI Care Refresh and offers an additional replacement of your crashed drone. It also extends the standard manufacturer warranty by one year, all for a very reasonable cost. Learn about this program by clicking here.
  • DJI does not cover damage done deliberately. So, if your refresh is almost up and you decide you want a new unit, smashing it with a hammer may void your warranty.
  • DJI states it does not cover flights in “unsuitable conditions”. So, be careful flying your drone in extremely high winds or rain. If DJI receives the drone and finds evidence (via the onboard flight recorder) that the drone was flown outside of the prescribed flight envelope the program may be null and void.

Is the DJI Refresh Program Actually Worth It?

This is somewhat of a personal question for you, the end user. If you fly very carefully at all times in wide open areas, you may not need it. If you like to push boundaries a little, it may not be a bad investment into some peace of mind. 

Overall, the program seems reasonably priced, and DJI service has improved significantly over the past years (it used to be a bit of nightmare, to be honest). Online forums that discuss the Refresh program seems to have happy users overall. 

In Conclusion

You’ll need to decide for yourself if the program is worth it for you. As far as insurance and replacement programs go, DJI has a solid, well priced offering on the table (with a few little quirks as mentioned above). With the recent offering of the “Plus” program (in addition to the standard refresh program) you should be able to fly for up to 2 years (mostly) worry free if you decide to go this route. 

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