Are “Featured Ads” on DroneTrader Worth It?

To sell a used drone on is completely free. Simply go to “Post Ad“, fill out the details, add a few photos and click “Create Ad”.

It’s easy and FREE to post an ad on!

After you post your ad we do however offer a few options for customers to “upgrade” their ad. One of these options is a “Homepage Featured Ad”.

What the Homepage Featured Ad upgrade does is bump your ad to the main home page of as well as the top of it’s category. The DroneTrader home page currently receives thousands of monthly views and double the amount of traffic of the next leading page on the DroneTrader site.

Customers occasionally ask whether or not the home page featured ad is worth it or not (at the time of this writing it is $5.00 USD for 60 days).

So we decided to pull up some recent data and see what kind of a difference a “homepage featured ad” can make in terms of people viewing your listing.

Here is a screenshot of 5 ads that were posted within a 24 hour period:

A screenshot of 5 ads that were posted on within a 24 hour period.

Only one of the above sellers paid for a $5.00 “Homepage Featured Ad” upgrade when they posted their ad. Can you guess which one?

That’s right, the “Mavic Air with iPad” ad.

Note that it received almost 5X the views of the next leading ad and 21X THE VIEWS of the ad with the lowest number of views! Remember, all these ads were posted within a 24 hour period…

It is also noteworthy that the 64 views were all within ONE DAY of the ad being posted!

Now, if you are not in a rush and don’t mind waiting a bit to sell your drone a free ad is probably good enough for you.

If, however, you are looking to get the maximum amount of exposure for your ad and sell it in the shortest amount of time possible, you may want to consider upgrading your ad.

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