7 Places to Buy Refurbished Drones

DroneTrader is a great place for people looking to pick up a used drone or to sell off their old UAV.

But some customers are looking for refurbished drones, not just used ones.

A refurbished drone can be a great idea.

Although typically more expensive than buying used, refurbished drones typically come with full manufacturers warranty, a sealed box, and if it didn’t say refurbished on the box you probably couldn’t even tell!

So where can you actually buy refurbished drones?

Here is our list…

7 Places You Can Buy a Refurbished Drone

#1. DJI

DJI is the world leader in consumer drones, and moves the most drones by a landslide. When you sell a lot of drones, you will typically also get a lot of “buyers remorse” returns or warranty returns.

A drone that has been previously sold and activated can technically no longer be sold as a new drone, even if it has not been flown.

For example: A customer orders a UAV from the DJI site, receives their drone, opens the box, turns everything on and then decides it is simply beyond their skill level.

They promptly pack everything back up and ship it back to DJI.

Although the drone has never been flown, it now can no longer be sold as brand new and so DJI resets it, repacks everything and marks it as refurbished.

Typically the warranty on a refurbished unit is as good as new, the drone will be reconditioned to look as new (if there was any cosmetic damage), fully inspected and usually resold at a significant discount.

#2. DroneNerds

DroneNerds is a well established UAV retailer and offers huge discounts on a variety of used drones.

They also offer some great refurb packages, bundling a refurb drone with some great accessories for an even better deal.

#3. SkyBoss Drones

SkyBoss drones states their refurbished drones are simply units that customers have returned within seven days of purchase.

They also have some great financing options on their already discounted refurb units, which makes buying a refurbished unit even easier on the wallet.

They also list some refurbished camera stabilizers such as the DJI Osmo.

#4. VeryDrone

VeryDrone has one of the biggest selections of used and refurbished drones we have found. They also offer financing and a solid warranty with any refurbished drone purchase

#5. Yuneec

Yuneec is another popular consumer drone manufacturer and also offers a manufacturer refurbished program with warranty etc.

They also offer some extended warranty and “crash forgiveness” plans on drones purchased through their online portal.

#6. Walmart

Walmart offers a HUGE variety of refurbished drones and accessories. They carry many of the most popular brands including DJI, Parrot and Yuneec.

They also list refurbished models from third party vendors and as such have an enormous selection.

Be careful when purchasing a refurbished drone from a third party vendor as some only offer “seller refurbished” units instead of “manufacturer refurbished” units (typically with a limited or 90 day warranty vs a full 1 year manufacturer warranty).

#7. Newegg

Newegg has a similar setup to Walmart in that they list refurbished units from a wide variety of vendors. The downside is you have to be careful as to what exactly you are purchasing, the upside is there is a lot of selection.

In Conclusion

Purchasing a refurbished drone is usually a great decision, especially when they come with a full manufacturer warranty.

Although the savings will typically not be as great as when you buy a lightly used or secondhand drone off of sites like eBay or DroneTrader, the peace of mind that comes with having a full warranty may be worth it to some.

Buying a manufacturer refurbished drone directly from manufacturers such as DJI will also allow you to buy extended warranty options such as the DJI Refresh program.