Drone Rental Programs (USA, Canada and the UK)

11 Places to Rent Drones (UAVS/RPAS) in the USA, Canada and UK. 

One of the questions we often get through our blog and classifieds platform is “where can I rent a drone” or “what does it cost to rent drones?”.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 different places you can rent drones and have included both online rental options and various physical locations in the USA and Canada that rent out drones and UAVs. 

  1. Crisp (USA and UK):

    Probably one of the easiest rental sites to use, Crisp offers a number of drones for rent, including the popular Mavic 2 Pro, the Mavic Air and more. 

    Currently they only rent to users in the Continental USA. 

    Prices for a DJI Mavic 2 Pro start at $188/week and this drops to $94/week if customers rent for a month at a time. They also offer their own rental insurance that covers users in case of damage. 

    The nice thing about Crisp is that they also rent out cameras, stabilizers and all kinds of other electronics, making it a one-stop shop for folks looking to rent different kinds of camera equipment. 

  2. Fat Lama (USA and UK):

    Fat Lama is a unique rental company in that (similar to AirBNB) it is a peer-to-peer rental network. Users that have drones sitting on a shelf collecting dust can list their items on Fat Lama and rent them out to users in their area. 

    The company is well established in the UK and recently expanded to the USA. Although rentals may not be as readily available as from a commercial rental house prices are usually quite low and availability of different types of drones is increasing. 
  3. LensRentals.com (USA only):

    A very established online rental company, LensRentals is one of the few drone rental companies out there that rents larger drones such as the DJI Inspire 2 and higher end cameras such as the DJI X7 camera. They also offer some great accessories for rent such as the DJI Goggles and the Crystal Sky monitors.

    Rental prices for a Mavic 2 can go as low as $13/day (for a 90 day rental) and go as high as $70 for a 3 day rental. They also offer insurance for their rentals and have a very streamlined checkout and booking process.
  4. The Lens Depot (USA): 

    The Lens Depot rents out the majority of the DJI lineup of RPAS, including the Mavic 2 Pro, Inspire 2 and much more. Prices are very reasonable ($169 for a 3 day rental of a Mavic 2 Zoom kit). Their website and checkout are definitely not as refined as some of the above options (Such as Crisp and LensRentals.com) but prices are reasonable and they have a solid selection. 

  5. Camera Lens Rentals (USA): 

    Camera Lens Rentals rents out the majority of the available DJI drones. Prices are very competitive ($271 for a 7 day Mavic 2 Pro rental) and it has a fairly streamlined checkout and reservation process. 

  6. Heliguy (UK only): 

    One of the very few places we could find that rents out the Matrice series of UAVs, including the venerable M210 RTK V2. The process to place on order for a rental is a bit more complex than it could be but overall works well. They also have a great FAQ section that walks you through some of the more complex parts of drone rental. 

  7. Candrone (Canada and USA): 

    Candrone is one of the few options Canadians have when it comes to renting drones. Again, their website and rental checkout system is definitely not as streamlined as LensRentals or Crisp but the nice thing about Candrone is that their cinema background means they rent everything from drones to Movis to FreeFly Altas and more.  The company is well established in Canada and rents drones, high end cameras, aerial lidar systems and much more. 

  8. GearBase Camera Rentals (Canada only):

    GearBase is located in Vancouver, Canada and has a small selection of UAVs for rent, mainly the DJI Mavic series. 

  9. US Drone Rental (USA Only):

    US Drone Rentals rents almost the entire line of DJI drones and several high end systems available such as the Inspire 2 with X7 cinema combo.

  10. United Drone Rentals (USA Only):

    One of the few UAV rental companies that rents out commercial grade systems such as the DJI M600 Pro and the Sensefly eBee. They also rent out larger cinema RPAS (remotely piloted air systems) such as the DJI Inspire 2. 

  11. FlightPhoto Rentals (Canada and USA):

    FlightPhoto lists several DJI models on their site, include the industrial class M210. They also rent out the incredible Zenmuse XT thermal camera (starting at $480/day). 

    The company is based out of Canada but ships to both Canada and the USA.

In conclusion:

There are a number of different options when it comes to renting drones. In the USA, we would lean towards renting from either Crisp or LensRentals.com, simply due to their superior site and checkout process. They also offer different drone insurance options, providing peace of mind for accidental damages and more. 

Let us know if you have any that you think should be added to the list! Please email us at [email protected]


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