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Screenshot of the AirMagic drone photo editing software in action, showing before and after slider

Skylum AirMagic Drone Photo Enhancing Software: A Comprehensive Review

When we came across the AirMagic software a few weeks ago we were pretty skeptical. Most of these types of software are pretty basic in functionality and typically have lackluster … Read more

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16 Cool Drone Apps and Software You Should Know About

Over the past decade drones have rapidly gone from ultra-niche to mainstream, and the technology shows no signs of slowing down. With the rise in popularity has come an increase … Read more

White quadcopter drone placed on an ipad

Search Used Drones by State or Province

Great news DroneTrader users! We’ve finally added the “Search by State” option (or “Search by Province” for our Canadian DroneTrader users) to the DroneTrader classifieds engine! This will allow users … Read more

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Are “Featured Ads” on DroneTrader Worth It?

To sell a used drone on DroneTrader.com is completely free. Simply go to “Post Ad“, fill out the details, add a few photos and click “Create Ad”. After you post … Read more

broken drone for cash

Where to Buy and Sell Broken Drones

Although drones are becoming safer all the time crashes are almost inevitable, especially for first time flyers. The obstacle avoidance technology is getting better and better, however experienced users are … Read more

Pricing your used and second hand drones, man controlling small white drone, holding controller.

“How Much Should I Sell My Used Drone For On DroneTrader?”

Whether it is via our Facebook page or via email, we tend to get this question from sellers a lot. The market for second hand drones is quite new, and … Read more

What you need to know about buying and selling drones on DroneTrader…

From time to time we get questions such as “How do I know that the seller I’m buying from is legitimate?” or “What is the safest form of payment to … Read more

Refurbished drone units for sale

7 Places to Buy Refurbished Drones

DroneTrader is a great place for people looking to pick up a used drone or to sell off their old UAV. But some customers are looking for refurbished drones, not … Read more

UAV and drone mapping apps for surveying

Top 10 Drone Mapping Apps and Software (Updated August 2020)

Looking to do a basic elevation map of your farm to assess drainage patterns? Wanting to measure the volume of a gravel pile with your DJI Phantom? Needing to generate … Read more

Passenger Drone, Air Taxi, Flying Car

List of Manned Passenger Drones and Drone Taxis (Updated May 2020)

One of the reasons we launched DroneTrader was to not only provide a listing service for used UAVs but to also one day have a platform ready where people can go to … Read more

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