10 of the CrAzieST deals, most Expen$ive drones, and Unique listings on DroneTrader.com

We see a lot of ads come through the DroneTrader classifieds platform every day and decided to put together a quick post with some of the craziest, most expensive, and unique listings currently on the network.

Let us know if you come across any others that you think we should add to the list!

10 listings on DroneTrader you need to check out!

#10-Geodetics UAV Lidar System

Designed to map and measure topographical surfaces with extreme accuracy, the GeoDetics lidar system is perfectly suited for a heavy lift drone such as the DJI M600. This is one of the most expensive listings on DroneTrader, at $65,000! See the listing at https://dronetrader.com/ads/geodetics-geo-mms-lidar


#9-Custom DJI S900 Hexacopter with Tether System

This DJI S900 flies using a custom Pixhawk controller and a BlueVigil tethering system that allows the UAV to fly continuously. It also uses a top-of-the-line Connex HD video downlink system to allow operators to view in realtime and in high resolution what the aerial platform sees. View this listing at https://dronetrader.com/ads/n-a

#8-Precision Ag Quantix Drone by Aerovironment

Although it is definitely not anywhere near the most expensive listing on DroneTrader, the Precision Ag Quantix drone is unique in that it is a hybrid drone. It is both a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) drone and a drone that transitions to forward flight, allowing for much greater range than a traditional quadcopter. 

It also comes with a software subscription to allow for crop analytics and much more. 

See this listing at https://dronetrader.com/ads/precision-ag-drone-quantix-hybrid-drone-aerovironment

#7-PrecisionHawk Lancaster Rev 5 Fixed Wing

The reason this one made our list is because of the incredible price on this listing. New the PrecisionHawk Lancaster was around $25,000 and this barely used one is listed at only $3800 USD!! It remains an excellent aerial platform for mapping large areas of land efficiently. 

Check it out at https://dronetrader.com/ads/precisionhawk-lancaster-rev-5

#6-QYSEA Fifish Underwater Drone

This listing is unique as it is one of the few “drones” that does not fly. This remotely operated vehicle is designed specifically for underwater use. It is remotely controlled using 100′ of control cable and has a built in camera and controllable thrusters. 

Definitely a must-see! Check it out at https://dronetrader.com/ads/qysea-fifish-v6-underwater-drone-1

#5-Aeryon SkyRanger UAS

This one makes the list for being one of the few high end commercial-grade listings on the site (this particular one being listed on the Canadian DroneTrader site). These drones can run upwards of $100,000 when new and use industrial grade components. This one does not currently have a price listed, but expect 5 figures or more. 

See it at https://canada.dronetrader.com/ads/n-a-1

#4-MicroDrones MD4-1000 Quadcopter

Another Canadian listing, this one for a very high end MicroDrones MD4-1000. The listing price is just shy of $18,000 (CAD) for a drone that typically lists around $50,000 USD! This UAV is capable of flying for around 45 minutes in a wide variety of conditions. 

Check out the listing at https://canada.dronetrader.com/ads/microdrones-md4-1000

#3-Aibot X6 Version 2

This monster UAV is over 3 feet in diameter and well over $30,000 new! It comes with prop protection integrated into the airframe. It is currently listed on the USA site at $10,000.

Check it out here: https://dronetrader.com/ads/aibot-x6-version-2-damaged-shell

#2-FPV Drone Racing Gear for Sale

Probably one of the most extensive listings on DroneTrader, this listing has close to 50 detailed photos and over 30 items listed for sale, all related to FPV drone racing. 

Check out this unique listing here: https://dronetrader.com/ads/drone-racing-gear-for-sale

#1-BlueVigil Drone Tethering System 

The BlueVigil tether system was designed to allow drones to run for an unlimited amount of time as long as it is hooked to a constant power supply. The system is compatible many of the enterprise level DJI systems such as the Inspire 1 and 2, the Matrice series and more. 

The listing price is currently at $8000 USD, you can see more details here: https://dronetrader.com/ads/1500w-blue-vigil-rs-1000-tether-system-110-220v-ac-input


Let us know if you see other listings you think we should add to this list! See all of the current listings at https://dronetrader.com/ads.