DJI Inspire 2 Tips and Tricks

DJI Inspire 2 In Flight

We’ve been flying the DJI Inspire 2 since it launched. Over the years we’ve experienced pretty much all of the quirks and oddities that the Inspire 2 has. Make no mistake, it is still one of our favorite machines to operate, it just needs a little coaxing from time to time. Tips and Tricks to … Read more

Costs to Repair Different DJI Drones

drone repair

It’s every pilot’s worst nightmare: you just crashed your drone???? What are your options? Well, if salvageable, you need to get it repaired of course. If not, you can always list it on for parts and salvage. So, what kind of costs should you expect if you need to repair your DJI Inspire or fix up your Mavic Pro? … Read more